Patent Landscape analysis aims to target the white space available for a successful and hassle-free technology implementation in a particular geography. Patent Landscaping monitors the following areas:

1) Determining the technology area to focus upon.

2) Analyzing the geography or markets of interest.

3) Mapping the innovation occupying the area or technology of interest.

4) Determining the technology on which the competitors are working.

5) Identifying patents which are primal discoveries than mere improvements.

6) Analyzing trends in innovation under the technology of interest.

7) Analyzing whether the current IP portfolio go with the core business strategy.

8) Identifying the gaps in R&D and ascertaining which inventions lie in the public domain.

9) Gauging the technology areas under which the maximum or minimum patents are granted.

10) Analyze the leads for Merger & Acquisitions, Licensing In and Licensing Out deals.