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Trademark Search:

When brands have become an integral part of our lives, it is genuine to have a thorough trademark search performed in order to avoid your brand infringing on other registered trademarks. We understand that brand reputation has a marked impact on your business ROI. Therefore, we recommend a thorough trademark search done before launching your brand. At Patfrigate, we work diligently and access domestic and international trademark databases to ensure well formulated search reports and opinions, generated within a stipulated period of time.

Trademark Registration:

 We will assist you in filing Trademark applications timely and aid our clients to register their Service Mark or Trademark nationally and internationally. Registering a Trademark or Service Mark will add an extra advantage to your brand and can potentially reduce infringements or misrepresentation of goods or services by potential competitors.

Trademark Check:

With an ever growing number of global brands and services, it is important to keep a vigil on potential and current trademarks or service marks in order to protect your relevant mark from future infringements. Our experts will keep a track on the current trends and will keep you updated with the most recent information on any prospective or ongoing brand infringements.